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Their aims will fast reach. The pro­duct and the coop­er­a­tion with Tra­mon­tana Grafixx leads to suc­cess her brand. How­ev­er, we are able to do sor­cery and mag­ic we are able to do the result and result of a log­i­cal and pas­sion­ate work for her suc­cess!

The future has reached you

For years, our name has stood for qual­i­ty in the print­ing sec­tor, whether it is a sin­gle piece or a large print.
With us you have found a reli­able part­ner for prints from small to large for­mat.
Whether you are a small busi­ness or a glob­al com­pa­ny — Tra­mon­tana Grafixx has the right solu­tion for you. You as a cus­tomer are indi­vid­u­al­ly cared for and advised — accord­ing to your needs. After all, it is about the appear­ance of your brands and you should leave noth­ing to chance.
Use our expert advice and our con­vinc­ing man­u­fac­tur­er prices so that you can con­cen­trate on the essen­tials of your com­pa­ny.
  • Creative solutions and pressure solutions 

    Mega­pos­ters, facade claddings, ban­ners, ban­ners, pro­mo­tion­al tents, flags, vehi­cle and tar­pau­lin print­ing, build­ing pic­tures, sta­di­um adver­tis­ing, dec­o­ra­tion & store adver­tis­ing, stages, mea­sur­ing stands, bridge adver­tis­ing etc.
  • Planning and development 

    Good adver­tis­ing does not have to be expen­sive Our expe­ri­enced graph­ic design­ers and graph­ic artists per­form out­stand­ing cre­ative work at a fixed price.

  • Colour on all materials 

    Paper, adhe­sive film, retic­ule, fab­rics, car­pets, met­al plates, glass, plex­i­glass, plas­tics. — also on curved and uneven sur­faces.
  • Digital large format pressure 

    Even unique and small edi­tions can be real­ized cost-effec­tive­ly. — Indi­vid­u­al­i­ty becomes afford­able.


The mate­ri­al “self-adhe­sive rip­stop fab­ric” used by us is a very thin fab­ric that is tear resis­tant. It is spe­cial­ly designed for the label­ing of kites and para­chutes.

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Event ads

Event ads and com­mer­cials
Whether you want to start a com­plete­ly new project or just need a lit­tle over­haul, we have the right solu­tion for your speci­fic require­ments. We find out what your desires and expec­ta­tions are and imple­ment them accord­ing­ly.
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